Happy birthday VIM!

Vim turned 29 this day. Yay! I am a heavy vim user, it is my editor of choice in every operating system, however, I always installing some GUI editors as well (atom or sublime) for quick copy-paste tasks.

But this post is about vim.

I pretty much love it. I love the way how seamlessly it integrates into my daily workflow. I avoid using vim plugins and fancy configuration parameters, I try to keep it clean and easy. (Yes, I’ll share my .vimrc at the end of this post)

My normal workflow utilizes mostly the UNIX shell, I am rarely keep multiple files open – except I plan to copy-paste between two files. When I have to edit a file, I enter the work directory, open the file with vim, do my edits then save, and go for the next file. Sometimes I use ‘gf’ and ctrl+O to navigate between files, I often use sed like replacements inside files, and when I have to edit multiple files I am mostly use macro recording. And that’s it, I guess. The main part of my config is about how to colorize the output, what to do with the whitespaces, things like those. I keep vim plugin free because I can easily copy my .vimrc to any server I have to work on.

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