MySQL backend checker

MySQL backend checker. This tool is designed to run queries against a MySQL database and based on their results, report HTTP/200 or HTTP/500 which could be monitored from a HAProxy instance and route traffic to the host which is ‘available’ in a given time.

MySQL statsd sender

MySQL -> statsd proxy. The tool run queries against the database and send their results to a  statsd server.

MySQL binlog streamer utility

This tool runs ‘mysqlbinlog’ utility to stream binlogs from a remote MySQL server to a local directory – and if configured that way – handles the expiration of those logs. It is aware to find the last log file which is not completely synced, and start streaming from that file.


A bunch of bulk stored utilites which are not interesting enough to put them into separate repositories.

  • monitor_space – this utility is able to keep track of your database table size changes. It reads data from file system, not from information_schema, so you can’t use it on RDS. (PR’s accepted.) I posted about this earlier.