OSX and case-sensitive file system

I am really angry now.

A few weeks ago, when I was finished my MySQL backend checker I lost about two hours of work because I wasn’t commit anything to git, but I overwrote the working file with one of my doodle files – which file had the same name but with camel case. I had a default APFS filesystem (on High Sierra) – which is not case sensitive. This was a real amateur mistake I admit it, but the damage was done, I had to recreate everything (actually the second time I was way faster, it took around an hour.)

Anyways, I had to reinstall my computer anyhow, so when I get to the point to decide what kind of filesystem I want to use, I haughtily selected ‘CASE SENSITIVE’. “Yes, please give me a good, old-fashioned Linux-like case-sensitive file system.”

I did not use this laptop too much so far (this is a different story, maybe I’ll talk about it later), so it is still not too comfy but before we went to the in-laws I decided to install Steam on it, to bring a few games with me.

And Steam is not starting. It just launches, but don’t display the login form.

After a few minutes of googling it seems, Steam is not working with the case-sensitive file system under OSX and now I am contemplating about I should reinstall this laptop again. Not because of Steam, I can live without it – I do have a desktop PC so if I want to play a game, I can do it on that machine, but I am thinking if Steam is not working, maybe other software won’t work as well, and now it is way less uncomfortable to do this reinstall. Actually, the installer informed me about that, so owe the devil with this work.

But I am still angry about it.