Getting familiar with TokuDB part 2.

Last time I was checked, how can TokuDB be used as a drop-in replacement for InnoDB. The first impressions were jolly good; way less disk space usage, and the TokuDB host can be a part of the current replication cluster.

So far so good.

Well, actually not everything is that nice because there is a very big part of the infrastructure is built on the top of xtrabackup.

So let’s see what can we do backing up TokuDB.

The first and most clean way should be the mysqldump utility, but sadly this is not really useful for us, the restore process could be taken too many time because a lot of indexes has to be rebuilt.

So we need to take binary backups. Sadly TokuDB currently offers the only tokudbhotbackup for hot backup which is a part of the enterprise feature set. Sadly that seems not opensource (yet!), but I hope Percona will change that soon.

Until that the following things are sure: xtrabackup cannot back up TokuDB, so if you want to have binary backups, then I think the best way would be shut down the instance, and make the backup of the files. Maybe it should be done with an LVM snapshot.

That’s +1 for InnoDB.