Continuous feedback from jenkins console output

This one really was a pain in the ass for long time.

Jenkins is great, not only for building projects, but I start the most of the ops related tasks here. All the projects have their own workspace, I can browse the previous outputs, see if a task failed or not, and I can easily share the results at the en of the task.

I had only one problem with that: the long running tasks weren’t shown on console output until they finished. I tried to solve that, but it was only annoying, not a showstopper, so I let that go, because it didn’t look like an easy win, and I didn’t want to spend too much time on that.

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grep trick for locating processes

(Posted originally at kinja ops blog)

Yesterday Dominis mentioned shell-foo and one cool thing came to my mind what one of my ex colleagues showed me a few years ago. (Hi Pali!)

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