Continuous feedback from jenkins console output

This one really was a pain in the ass for long time.

Jenkins is great, not only for building projects, but I start the most of the ops related tasks here. All the projects have their own workspace, I can browse the previous outputs, see if a task failed or not, and I can easily share the results at the en of the task.

I had only one problem with that: the long running tasks weren’t shown on console output until they finished. I tried to solve that, but it was only annoying, not a showstopper, so I let that go, because it didn’t look like an easy win, and I didn’t want to spend too much time on that.

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A few words about Database Checksumming

(Orignally posted in kinja ops blog)

MySQL replication is great, and kind of reliable, but sometimes it could be messed up. The good news is that we can handle this.

Let’s see how replication happens when everything is fine!

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Syncing differences in MySQL cluster

(Originally posted on kinja ops blog)

In my last article I showed how to fix replication errors on slaves, but I’ve made a mistake: my current example wasn’t good, after skipping the command or inserting and empty transaction the dataset was different because of a timestamp holding date column which is CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default. Fixing the error solved the problem of the running replication thread, but the data wasn’t same on the hosts. I decided to leave this as-is, and instead of recreating the test, I rather show how to sync the databases.

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