Running GTID replication in production

On Percona Live! Amsterdam 2015 we had a talk with Peter Boros about GTID replication.

Here are the slides.

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Fixing broken replication in a GTID based scenario

(Originally posted in kinja ops blog)

Every MySQL DBA should deal with the situation, when there were an accidental write on one of the slaves. Changing replication to GTID will change the way how we should deal with that problem.

Let’s check out!

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GTID based replication showcase

(Originally posted in kinja ops blog)

We are in the middle of switching to GTID based replication from the good old logfile & log position based replication.

But what is GTID? GTID is an abbreviation of ‘GLOBAL TRANSACTION ID’ what speaks for itself: each transaction of a mysql cluster got its globally unique transaction ID, and the DBA have not spend time with positioning slaves, as well as we don’t have to ‘freeze’ any of the servers because of a master failover. The only thing we have to care about: to know what server should be used as a replication master.

OK, what was the problem with the old file-based replication?

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