About me

My name is Balazs Pocze and I am an experienced ops guy, currently I work as a MySQL DBA/ DevOps engineer at Gawker Media LLC. Since 2010 I work with high traffic, high availability web sites. I do love my job, and I started this blog, because I think, I have some interesting things to share. If you like them, I’ll be happy, if you find something which you think is not good enough please don’t hesitate to tell me. avatar

I don’t have comments on this site, because I don’t wan’t to fight against spammers, but if you would like to ask me about anything, or you would like to add anything to any of the blogposts, then you can reach me out, and I’ll answer you, or edit the blogpost.

You can send me email with banyek@gmail.com or reach me out on twitter as @banyek.

My github account is also banyek, and my LinkedIn profile could be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/poczebalazs

I live in Budapest, Hungary – which is a good place (except that our politicians are criminals). I often go out the city, there are always something to do. English is my second language and I know I make some mistakes, so please forgive me that.

I have two children, a girl called Bori, and a boy called Lali. They are twins and I am the most proud about them!

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