Percona Live Europe 2015

Well, it was ended a week ago, but I had too many errands to run, so I couldn’t post anything about it.

It was really great, again.This was the third time I attended (2013 London, 2015 Santa Clara) so now I have met with a lot of familiar people – it is true that MySQL has a great community. The chosen city  was great, Amsterdam is one of the coolest places of Europe, the hotel was neat, and the programs were also astounding.

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Running GTID replication in production

On Percona Live! Amsterdam 2015 we had a talk with Peter Boros about GTID replication.

Here are the slides.

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Moving to own domain

Hi there!

So far I was blogging on Kinja but I’ve decided that I move my blog content to an own domain, and a WordPress blog.

Kinja is a great place to have good posts, and good conversations but the engine is not really made for tech blogs – it is really hard to insert pre formatted text such as code or console dump, but I need to do it often.

I was moved all of my previous posts here, maybe in the future I’ll edit them to fix the code displaying, but now I don’t feel the power for that.

Anyways, welcome here, let’s the blogging begin.

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